These beautiful little hands. Grabbing everything.

These beautiful dark eyes. Searching for something glittering and exciting.

These beautiful red lips. Smiling this adorable smile every time his Dads come in sight.

“Take him Sherlock. He wants it.” John and Sherlock stood beside the cradle.

“I think he is quite happy in there. Look at his eyes. They are sleepy. He didn´t sleep for,” he looked at the clock on the wall,” three hours.”

“No excuses Sherlock.” John said patiently and touched his hand softly.

“Okay, Uhm… how do I…?”

“Just take him in your arm.” Said John.

As John saw that Sherlock wasn´t moving, he took a step to the cradle and took Hamish on his arm. Hamish giggled and reached for John´s collar. John smiled back at his son and looked up to Sherlock.

“It is easy.” John didn´t hesitated Sherlock to take his own son into his arms. Since the arrival Sherlock avoided it to take him, even to touch him. But John could see that he couldn’t stand not to touch him. Every time Hamish smiles at Sherlock, there is a little flicker in his eyes. John just saw this once, where John told him that he wanted to be together with him. And Hamish causes this reaction every time he smiles his beautiful smile at Sherlock.

“I can´t take him.” Sherlock whispered.

“I will hurt him. I will hurt him like I hurt everyone. He is so fragile and little, I mean look at these little fingers…” his voice broke.

“Sherlock, stop.” John stepped to his partner, Hamish in his arm. “You cannot hurt him.” John whispered these words.

John reached for Sherlock’s arm and prepared him for Hamish. Then slowly he laid the little child in Sherlock’s arm. Hamish cheered and giggled. John was still holding Hamish, and Sherlock’s eyes were fixed on his little boy. Sherlock felt the warmth of Hamish body and joy spread all over his body. A single tear ran over his cheek and John wiped it with his hand away. “You could never hurt anyone.” Sherlock recognized that John wasn´t holding Hamish anymore. Quickly Sherlock put his free arm around Hamish. Another giggle. Hamish little hand reached out for Sherlock’s cheek and touched it softly. His dark eyes met Sherlock’s and there was this perfect moment that would last forever. This feeling would last forever.

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