John was sitting on the sofer. Thinking. Staring at the table infront of him.

“I have to leave you and Hamish for a while”.

Sherlock´s voice echoed in John´s ears. The last touch of his hand on his face, the last quick kiss, trembling lips. Those deep green eyes were staring at him, searching for forgiveness in Johns face. But John was stunned. He could just stand there. Paralyzed. Sherlock took his suitcase and shot the door behind him. Silence.

“Dad?” Hamish entered the living and John looked up confused.

“Don´t be sad.” The soft and clear voice of Hamish contained no sadness.

“I am not sad.” John replied more to himself.

“Daddy will be coming home soon. He has to sort things out by himself.”

“I know, I know Hamish.” John didn´t know what to answer.

“Just remember when he proposed you. He couldn´t talk to you for 4 days in a row. But then he managed to ask the question and everybody was joyful again. He has to sort things on his own.

And he never really leaves us. See”, Hamish walked over to the table with the big scratch in it. He touched it and smiled. “And we will never forget when he used to talk to the skull before.” He took the skull in his little perfect hands and smiled his beautiful smile. John was forced to smile too. “And look there,” he run to Sherlock´s working table “his violin.” Hamish took the wooden instrument and pretended to play. Finally John couldn’t resist the charm of Hamish and began to laugh. “See.” Hamish crawled on Johns lap and his blue eyes shimmered full of joy. “He will never really leave us.” Hamish hugged John and as John stroke Hamish black hair a single tear found its way down on his cheek.

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